Vipin Khadse Nagpur Based MBBS Student Helps Woman Deliver Baby On Moving Train With Help Through WhatsApp From Seniors

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A 24-year-old final year MBBS student helped a woman give birth to a baby boy on-board the Ahmedabad-Puri Express with instructions from his seniors through WhatsApp.

Vipin Khadse, who is in his final stage of MBBS training (and is not a qualified physician yet) at the Nagpur-based Government Medical College & Hospital, performed a complicated delivery when 24-year old Chitralekha went into labor on the train on Friday.

Khadse told TOI the train was about 30km from Nagpur when the relatives of Chitralekha pulled on the chain to stop the train near Wardha Junction. "The ticket collector and guard were looking for a doctor on the train. I kept quiet presuming there might be some doctor that was experienced. However, when they came to get another round of inquest, I offered to help," he said.

The train had boarded at Ahmedabad, where they work as labourers. They were heading to Raipur in Chhattisgarh. When Khadse went to attend her, she was bleeding profusely and was in great pain. In a show of humankind, passengers vacated the compartment. The women passengers helped convert the compartment into a makeshift delivery room.

I uploaded a photograph in a WhatsApp group of doctors for assistance. A senior resident Shikha Malik guided me on the telephone to run the delivery," Khadse said. "I had to use cooled water bottles to stop her bleeding. The amniotic fluid had completely dried. A midwife on the train helped me," Khadse, who aspires to be a surgeon said, including that every doctor should learn the best way to help a lady in labour.

As the train chugged into Nagpur station, a team directed by a woman doctor in the railroad track hospital took charge of the problem. The new parents were permitted to continue their travel with the drug.

The young doctor also took to Facebook to share the entire experience. 

Read the complete story on TOI here. 

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