Brian Acton WhatsApp Co-Founder Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook

It is time. #deletefacebook

Back in 2014, Facebook bought whats app for about $ 16 billion, making its co-founders -- Jan Koum and Brian Acton -- very wealthy men. Koum has been leading the business, but act on quit earlier this year to start his foundation. And he's not done merely with WhatsApp -- in a post on Twitter now, Acton told his followers to delete facebook.

"It's time," Acton wrote, adding the hashtag #deletefacebook. Acton, who is worth $6.5 billion, didn't immediately respond to your request for the opinion. Nor did Facebook and Whats App.

It had been unsure if Acton feelings about Facebook extend to his app. But the past month, act on invested $50 million into Signal, an independent alternative to whats app.

The tweet came after a bruising five-day period for Facebook that has seen authorities swarm and its stock price dip after concerns over data privacy in the wake of revelations about Cambridge Analytica's abuse of user data.

It is time. #deletefacebook

— Brian Acton (@brianacton) March 20, 2018 " style="max-height: 360px;">

Acton is not the initial former Facebook executive to express unease regarding the company after leaving it. Last year, former head of growth Chamath Palihapitiya generated a firestorm after saying "we've created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works."